The Centre of Sustainability and Future Studies (CSFS) is one of the scientific sponsors of the ICS 7 The International Ceramic & Sanitary Ware Exhibition from 18th to 21st of November 2015.

And on Friday 20 will be the scientific program from 4-8 pm. 





Please find the Exhibition web site:



The BUE has been successfully represented by the Center of Sustainability & Future Studies at the International Specialized Exhibition & Conference for Building & Construction at the Cairo International Convention Center from 4th to 8th of June 2015, among a lot of issues that are related to Sustainability three key issues where at the spot (Hope & work Olympics, Sustainable Mega Projects & Egyptian Humanitarian Heritage Rights).




 Through the Centre of Sustainability and Future Studies (BUE) with coordination of Next Design Magazine and the Egyptian Engineering Syndicate (Architecture Division), and as secondary event to enrich the Hope& Work Olympics forum, we are inviting different ideas, graduation projects and research studies which is related to the development of the Suez Canal Region to present and share/discuss their visions and work through the forum .

for those who are interested you can participate by:



1-      Filling the attached registration form and sending it  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  by maximum 27th of July 2015.
2-      Presenting his project or idea in a poster contains 2 A0 drawings by maximum 31st of July 2015.
3-      Fees of participation are 100 EGP.


Next Design Magazine will publish all the ideas in a special issue, there will be honorary awards for selected distinguished  submissions.




The Center of Sustainability and Future Studies participation in “I Kore International Winter School”



Presentations by Prof. Arch. Claudio Gambardella:


1-     The Mediterranean Museum System of Design and Applied Arts

2-     Smart communities-Local museums

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